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Pontiac Voters to Consider Marijuana Establishment Ordinances in Nov 7 Election

Pontiac's Upcoming Vote on Marijuana Establishment Ordinances

In an upcoming election on November 7th, the residents of Pontiac, Michigan will have the opportunity to voice their opinions on two significant marijuana establishment ordinances. These ordinances, if passed, will shape the future of marijuana businesses within the city.

Ordinance No. 2406: Adult-Use Marijuana Establishments

The first ordinance, No. 2406, seeks to allow adult-use marijuana establishments to operate within the City of Pontiac. This ordinance would be in accordance with the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act, Initiated Law 1 of 2018. Key provisions of this ordinance include:

  • Permitting and regulating adult-use marijuana establishments.

  • Setting standards and procedures for these establishments.

  • Imposing permit application fees and renewal fees.

  • Establishing conditions for the operation of adult-use marijuana establishments.

For those interested in a detailed review, the full text of Ordinance No. 2406 is available at the City Clerk’s Office during regular business hours.

Ordinance No. 2407: Zoning Amendments for Marijuana Businesses

The second ordinance, No. 2407, proposes amendments to the City of Pontiac's Zoning Ordinance. These changes aim to include adult-use marijuana businesses in specific overlay districts. Highlights of the proposed changes include:

  • Inclusion of adult-use marijuana businesses in designated zoning districts.

  • Amendments to various sections and tables to permit marijuana overlay districts.

  • Introduction of development standards for specific marijuana-related uses, such as growers, processors, retailers, and more.

  • Addition of definitions related to adult-use marijuana businesses.

Again, for a comprehensive understanding, the full text of Ordinance No. 2407 can be accessed at the City Clerk’s Office during their normal operating hours.

In Conclusion

The upcoming election presents a pivotal moment for the City of Pontiac and its stance on marijuana businesses. With these ordinances, Pontiac has the chance to join a growing number of cities embracing the potential economic and social benefits of legalized marijuana. However, as with all legislative changes, it's crucial for voters to be informed and make a decision that reflects the best interests of the community.

For a complete list of candidates and ballot issues, visit the Oakland County Clerk’s Election Page.

For Oakland County Times candidate interviews and election information visit the Oakland County Times Election Page.

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